Stunning Moissanite Engagement Rings To Capture Her Heart

Apart from her wedding ring, the engagement ring is the only piece of jewellery a woman will wear for the rest of her life. An outward symbol to the world of the love you hold for that special person in your life. Show how much you care for them with a jewel as unique as she is; Charles & Colvard created moissanite.

Our range of moissanite engagement rings and solitaire rings is second to none in the UK.

More brilliance than a diamond.
More fire than a diamond.
More fashionable than a diamond.
Better value than a diamond!

Traditionally, diamond has been the stone of choice for engagement rings and the value of diamonds has always been seen in its rarity, but is this entirely accurate?
Diamonds are not as rare as the public perceives them as being, 'there are enough diamonds in the world to fill a coffee cup for every man and woman on this planet. The actual reason they are so expensive is because strict controls are placed on the quantity of gemstones produced for sale worldwide. This marketing strategy is very similar to the world wide marketing of oil: they limit the supply to keep the prices high'1.

" there are enough diamonds in the world to fill a coffee cup for every man and woman on this planet "

Moissanite has taken the world by storm, from the general public to A-List celebrities; everyone wants to own a piece of fabulous moissanite jewellery. In the midst of a global credit crunch many people are struggling to justify the expense of a good quality diamond engagement ring and with the average UK wedding costing around £22,000, weddings are pricey enough without people bankrupting themselves on the engagement ring.
Other people are searching for more altruistic options as they worry about the risk of wearing ‘conflict diamonds’. Luckily there is a new and exciting alternative… Moissanite!


Moissanite is a stunning jewel which, with a refractive index of 2.65-2.69, has nearly 10% more brilliance than diamond. In addition to this moissanite has more fire (remarkable dispersion) than any other popular gemstone. In fact, fire can be measured scientifically and with a dispersion of 0.104 moissanite has nearly 2.4 times the fire of diamond. Moissanite is also extraordinarily heat resistant.
All moissanite comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and Limited Warranty that your stone will maintain its brilliance and fire, without fading or changing colour.

With so many stone shapes and sizes available, you're bound to fine the perfect ring for your loved one. Our moissanite rings are made in the UK and are always set in high quality 18ct white gold, 18ct white gold, platinum or palladium. Once you have chosen your metal, stone size and stone shape you will be amazed by the selection of settings for you to choose from, from solitaires to clusters the choice is seemingly endless.

1 Diamonds Team - 'Are Diamonds Valuable?