Moissanite vs. Diamond

Moissanite is an extraordinary jewel that has more fire, brilliance and luster than any other gem on earth.

Although the many qualities of Moissanite are far better than that of a diamond, Moissanite is not a diamond substitute or simulant - it is a unique, stunning and rare jewel with exceptional qualities!

Refractive Index
Moissanite 0.104 2.65-2.69 20.4% excellent
Diamond 0.044 2.42 17.2% 10 excellent*
Ruby 0.018 1.77 7.4% 9 excellent**
Sapphire 0.018 1.77 7.4% 9 excellent**
Emerald 0.014 1.58 4.8% 7½ good to poor
* except good in cleavage direction ** except twinned stones

Brilliance (refractive index)

The higher the refractive index, the more sparkle a jewel has. Moissanite's high refractive index gives it more brilliance and sparkle than other popular jewels.

Fire (dispersion)
The amount of dispersion a jewel holds defines the array of colours that they create when light shines through it. Moissanite has more fire that other popular jewels and gemstones, with nearly 2.5 times more fire than diamond.

Moissanite is only second in hardness to diamond, making it extremely resistant to abrasion, scratches and marks that inferior jewels may obtain over their lifetime. Moissanites exceptional durability means that it will continue to shine and sparkle.

Unique Hand Cut
Every Moissanite stone is carefully hand-faceted by a skilled gemstone cutter, rather than by commercial mass-production techniques.

Certificate of Authenticity and Warranty
Every Moissanite stone comes with a life time guarantee that ensures it will always keep its fire, brilliance and sparkle which is so unique and unlike anything else, it will never fade.

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