Moissanite History

More than 50,000 years ago, a shimmering mineral of uncommon brilliance came to earth in a meteorite.

In 1893, Dr. Ferdinand Frederick Henri Moissan - an Dr. Henri Moissan eminent French scientist who would later win the Nobel Prize for chemistry - was examining geological samples brought to him from the meteor crater located in Canyon Diablo, Arizona when he observed brilliant sparkling crystals.

Although these sparkling crystals might have been considered "diamonds from space," Dr. Moissan's research actually identified them as a new mineral find - silcon carbide, whose chemical composition is SiC (diamonds are made from carbon).

Named "moissanite" in Dr. Moissan's honor, this stunning jewel is extremely rare, and almost impossible to find in nature. So rare, in fact, that the dream of using it in jewelry was an impossibility until man discovered a way to create and craft these incredible silicon carbide crystals here on earth.

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